Dafna Dekel

Dafna Dekel ( born May 7, 1966 in Ashdod ) is an Israeli singer and actress.


Dekel was born in 1966 in Ashdod in southern Israel and served in the eighties in the Nahal Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces, where they " band Nachal " belonged to the.

After her release, Dekel played with in the musical Salah Shabati, which was produced on the 40th anniversary of Israel's independence in memory. In 1989, she released her first album.

Dafna Dekel 1992 represented her native country at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Malmo, where they " Ze rak sport " with the song ( "It's just sports " ) came in sixth. Then she was on the show Pilei Kaim to 1995 regular.

In 1999, she hosted the Euro Vision Song Contest in Jerusalem.

Dekel 2001 played with the musical Shilgiya, for which she composed the songs. Later she appeared in the series Agadat on Deshe.