Dag Nasty

Dag Nasty is an American post-hardcore / punk band founded in 1985. In 2004, the group from Dave Smalley ( DYS, ALL, Down By Law ) Singing sat down, Brian Baker ( Minor Threat, Bad Religion ) on guitar, Roger Marbury on bass and Colin Sears on drums together. The band has blended as one of the first bands fast and aggressive hardcore with melodic elements.


Is the debut Can I Say still strongly connected to the hardcore brand Minor Threat, Dag Nasty be at every release more melodic and varied, open, for example, the pop and New Wave so you Field Day can not fit into a genre drawer about where the punk but always remains the foundation. Four on the Floor and Minority of One, in contrast, again straighter Melodic Hardcore, reminiscent in places strongly to Bad Religion.


  • Can I Say (1986, Dischord Records)
  • All Ages Show (1987, Giant Records )
  • Field Day (1988, Giant Records )
  • Four On The Floor (1992, Epitaph Records)
  • Minority Of One (2002, Revelation Records )