DAG is an abbreviation for:

  • DAG (newspaper), a former Dutch free daily paper
  • Demented Are Go, a psychobilly band
  • German - Arab Society
  • German - Armenian Society, an association that has set itself above all the promotion of mutual understanding between Germans and Armenians and safeguarding the interests of the Armenians living in Germany for target
  • German Obesity Society
  • German employees ' union
  • German settlement society
  • German Atlantic Association
  • German Astronautical Society
  • 1,2- diacylglycerols, a second messenger substance group
  • Digital alarm timer
  • Directed acyclic graph, see graph (graph theory ) # Cyclic / acyclic, a construct of mathematics
  • Danube Swabian Association
  • Dynamit AG, 1876 Nobel company became a public company, formerly Alfred Nobel & Co, see Dynamit Nobel # History

Dag stands for:

  • Dag, one of the three protagonists of the main character that appeared in the GDR comic magazine mosaic
  • Dag (crater ), a very small impact craters on the moon in front of Lacus Felicitatis north of the crater Yangel
  • Dag ( mythology), also Dagr ( Old Norse for " day " ), in Norse mythology, the personification of the day
  • A mythical creature of Germanic mythology, is also used as a male first name

Dag is the first name of:

  • Dag Bjørndalen (born 1970 ), Norwegian biathlete
  • Dag Hammarskjöld (1905-1961), Swedish State Secretary and second UN Secretary-General

Dağ stands for:

  • Dağ, a Turkish personal name ( the name of carriers)

Dag is the stage name of:

  • DJ Dag (* 1960), actually Dag Lerner, a DJ in the trance music

Dag is an abbreviation for:

  • Daniel Glattauer, Austrian writer, since 1989 under the symbol " dag " for the daily newspaper The Standard for columns, court reports and feature articles responsible
  • Decagram, 1973 decagram (= 10 grams) was changed as SI - conforming unit symbol in the Republic of Austria in " dag "

Dag stands for:

  • Day ( asächs.: dag ), may designate different concepts of time, going back to a basic concept, referring to the people respond to the perceived light and periodically changing their environment illumination by the sun

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