Dagaaba people

The Dagaare, also Dagaaba, Dagari, Dagara, Dogaari, Dagati, Degati, are a people of northwestern Ghana and in the adjacent areas of the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

The Dagaare can be divided into three ethnic groups. The southern Dagaare ( Dagaare -South ) live in Ghana, the Dagaare Diula ( Dagaari Diula ) and the northern Dagaare ( Dagara -Nord) living in Burkina Faso.

The Dagaare are known for their ceremonial funerals, which is played on the gyil, an amplified by gourds Holm xylophone. In such concerts several musicians playing for several hours together.

Living in Ghana South Dagaare include approximately 700000-1067000 relatives. In Burkina Faso, approximately 388,000 Dagare North and approximately 21,000 Daraare Diula live. Summarized all groups, including about 1103000-1476000 people to the Dagaare. They all speak the Dagaare.