Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror is a British tabloid daily newspaper in the style ( yellow press ) with many photos and reportage photos. The newspaper is published in a small format ( tabloid ). Headquarters is the building One Canada Square in London.


Alfred Harmsworth in 1903 brought the women's magazine Daily Mirror out. Since this format found no response, he developed a new soon. The newspaper was later bought by Alfred's brother Harold Harmsworth and 1984 by Robert Maxwell, today it belongs to the media group Trinity Mirror.

The blade is considered to be the Labour Party faithful and has a strong anti- German attitude, which is most evident during international football tournaments. 1996 Germany told the newspaper the "football war". The current (as of 2013) is editor in chief Lloyd Embley. In May 2004, she released photos, allegedly showed the British soldiers, the Iraqi prisoners abused. The photos soon turned out to be forgeries; the then editor in chief resigned then.

2012 said media lawyer Mark Lewis of the BBC, four plaintiffs litters newspapers, the Mirror Media Group ( The Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People ), inter alia, to have bugged telephones. The allegations relate to a period of more than ten years ago.