Daimler Financial Services

The Daimler Financial Services AG offers a comprehensive range of automotive financial services. The products range of leasing and financing options on financial services for dealers and the management of commercial fleets to insurance and banking services. All these offers meet customer needs in the automotive industry, support the vehicle sales of the Daimler Group and to the brand loyalty of customers and dealers increase.

Currently, the company has a presence in 40 countries. The value of all managed by DFS financing and leasing contracts is currently about 80 billion euros. Worldwide, the company employs more than 7000 employees.

The company succeeds the debis AG, which was in turn introduced in October 2000 in the German Telekom to form the basis of T-Systems. Toll Collect consortium, which is a system of electronic toll collection for trucks over 12 t operates in Germany, Daimler Financial Services also holds a 45%. As part of a rationalization program, the company relocated its headquarters from Berlin to Stuttgart 2010-2012.