Daiting is a municipality in the Swabian district of Donau-Ries and a member of the administrative community Monheim.

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Geographical Location

The municipality is situated on the Ussel in the Donau -Ries.

Neighboring communities

  • Neighboring towns: Monheim, Donauwörth
  • Neighboring municipalities: Tagmersheim, Marxheim, book village, Kaisheim

Community structure

Daiting has the following districts:

  • Daiting
  • In point
  • Snake wood
  • Reichert meadow
  • High-field
  • Nachermühle ( three houses, a former sawmill )
  • Ederhof ( a house )


The resident on the Daitinger castle Miles Hart noble family Miles Hart was Marshal of the Count of Lech Gmünd and died at the end of the 13th century from. Most important personage of the family was probably Reinboto of miles Hart, who became bishop of Eichstätt. Castle Miles Hart was robbed in 1421 a punitive expedition and destroyed. The place later came to the Duchy of Pfalz- Neuburg, so that after the Peace of Augsburg ( 1555) from 1560 to 1621 belonged to the inhabitants of Daiting the Lutheran denomination. Created in 1818 as part of the reform in Bavaria, the town Daiting.

At the beginning of the 19th century was erzhaltiges rock in the open pit and transported by horse and cart after Obereichstätt where a furnace was. Around 1860, the business was unprofitable. The resulting after the closure of the last transaction " village shop Daiting " opened on 13 January 2005.

The community part in point with only about 60 inhabitants is known through the " Schnupfclub in point ", which occupies the first places in national and international Schnupfmeisterschaften regularly.


On 1 July 1974, the formerly independent communities upfield and snake wood were incorporated.

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