Daktari is an American television series that was produced in 1966 to 1969 by the American wildlife filmmaker Ivan Tors. Tors also oversaw even the series Flipper, Sea Hunt ( Sea Hunt ), jump out of the clouds ( Ripcord ) and many more.

In German Original Air Date from 1969, the consequences were each sent on Saturday at 17:45 clock on ZDF, coinciding with the ARD sports show. Today Daktari is from time to time on private channels repeatedly (most recently in 2002).


The word Daktari is the Swahili word for "doctor". The American veterinarian Dr. Marsh Tracy works in Africa and maintains the Wameru - animal station. Assistance is provided by his daughter Paula and the American Jack Dane and Mike. They are supported by the British District Officer Hedley.

Other main characters of the series are the animals. The Cross-Eyed Lion Clarence and the chimpanzee Judy were at the beginning of the 1970s, very popular figures in children in Germany.

In the series was often doubled for Clarence at his stunts by Leo. Leo, who was also trained by Ralph helpers, had to step in whenever any truck scenes were filmed in which Clarence had been involved, as was always scared by the sight of these vehicles. Leo had his own make-up artist, the so replicating the scars of Clarence that he was indistinguishable from Clarence in close-ups. From hence its insider joke about the preview trailer of the film Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion, after which it is the afflicted with a similarly gentle temperament as Clarence lion ( MGM) is seen in the logo of Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer, actually RELATES to Leo.

Another less friendly lion, who was also named Leo, Clarence doubled as also in some scenes. It was only for the scenes in which he should look growling and threatening, and scenes are not in the proximity of people playing used. Leo came from a family in Utah. Its aggressive temperament was largely due to abuse, since he was beaten by his former owner regularly with a stick.

The one-hour, thriller -like structure effects turn always to animal welfare. Most of them deal with the fight against poachers and the protection of sick wild animals.


Voice Actors


The Hollywood MGM used the plot for the first time in 1965 for the film Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion ( Clarence, the Cross - Eyed Lion, 1965), Director: Andrew Marton, where also Marshall Thompson and Cheryl Miller participated. Then took over MGM's television division, the idea and produced with the gate fully filmed in the U.S. hit series.

The landscape photographs used originated almost entirely on a site in California. Only now and then a few authentic African original designs were cut into the films. The closing credits of the films is called as a filming location, among other Africa, USA, an approximately two -square-mile wildlife area about 60 kilometers north of Los Angeles, which is part of the animal trainers Ralph and Toni helper. The interior shots were completely made in the studios of Ivan Tors in Florida.

Living model for the series is the vet Susanne Hart, the first white vet in South Africa, whose lives under the title Daktari - The True Story ( The Real Daktari, 2007) was also a documentary. The end of 2007 Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion was broadcast on ARTE together with the documentary.