Dalgliesh - Gullane was a British car brand. In the literature the name Dalgleish - Gullane is often used.

Company History

The company Haddington Motor Engineering Company of Haddington in East Lothian began in 1907 with the production of automobiles. 1908 production ended. Overall, about 10 vehicles emerged.

Rolling stock

There was only one model. For the drive was provided by a water-cooled single-cylinder engine installation of De Dion -Bouton with 8 hp. The engine capacity was depending on the source either 863 cc, 1130 cc or 1200 cc. The engine power was transmitted to the rear axle via a propshaft. The open cockpit had room for two people. The top speed was specified at 50 km / hr.

A vehicle has been preserved and is owned by a Swiss collector. It carries the chassis number S in 1231. The vehicle was used in the case of Bertha Benz trip in 2001 and the International Ibbenbürener Schnauferl meeting 2010. During the summer of 2012, the vehicle is in the special run as the car got to the Pantheon Basel in the Swiss Muttenz issued.