Dalnegorsk (Russian Дальнегорск ) is a city in Primorsky Krai (Russia) with 37 519 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is located in the southeastern part of the Sikhote -Alin about 350 km north-east of the regional capital Vladivostok, on the river Rudnaja, which flows about 30 kilometers southeast of the city in the Sea of ​​Japan. When the mouth is the settlement Rudnaja pristane.

The city is Dalnegorsk the region administratively subordinated directly and also the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons ( Launched in 1997, the city and Rajon jointly administered ).

There is a fixed road link towards Vladivostok. The mines and the city Dalnegorsk were associated since 1908 with the coast and the erzverarbeitenden plants and distribution terminals in Rudnaja pristane on a narrow gauge railway, the main line, however, was dismantled in 2006.


The town was founded in 1899 under the name Tetjuche (Russian Тетюхе of Chinese野猪 河for Wildschweintal or flow, the river Rudnaja was wearing the same name ) founded as the immigrant from Switzerland Julius Brynner here in place of the long-known and exploited on a small scale ore deposits had built a lead and zinc mine. Brynners son Boris kept the concession for mining until 1931., Making it the longest- operating in the Soviet Union larger private companies. Boris Brynners son was the American actor Yul Brynner.

1930, the status of an urban-type settlement was awarded. In 1972, as part of a campaign against geographical names of Chinese origin was renamed Dalnegorsk (Russian Dalni for remote in relation to the Russian Far East; - gorsk a standard extension of many Russian cities, see gorod is for the city, but also for gora mountain ). At the same time the flow Tetjuche were renamed ( for ship mooring Russian pristan ) (from Russian Neruda for ore) and the settlement Tetjuche - pristane in Rudnaja pristane in Rudnaja.

1986 Dalnegorsk excited some attention by the so-called height -611 - UFO Incident (English "Height 611 UFO Incident" ), an allegedly on the mountain Iswestkowaja (or height 611 ) near the city crashed UFO.

Only in 1989 the city charter was granted.


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Culture and sights

In Dalnegorsk there is a museum and exhibition center focusing on the nature of the area, especially minerals.


Dalnegorsk is an important mining center mainly for lead, zinc and boron Companies operating here are boron (founded in 1965) and Dalpolimetall (predecessor founded in 1895 ). Here 58 % of Russia's lead to be promoted.

According to Blacksmith Institute Dalnegorsk or Rudnaja pristane one of the 30 most polluted places in the world ( " Dirty Thirty "; temporarily it was even in the "Top Ten" out ), which is, however, disputed by the Russian side, including from non-governmental organizations.

In addition, there are companies in the food industry.