Damn Yankees

  • Joe Boyd, 50 -year-old baseball fan
  • The same at the age of 22 years as Joe Hardy
  • Meg, his wife
  • Sister and Doris, their girlfriends
  • Mr. Applegate, the devil
  • Lola, the employee
  • The baseball player Henry, Sohovik, Smoky, Rocky and Vernon
  • Benny Van Buren, coaches
  • Gloria Thorpe, sports reporter
  • Welch, owner of " Washington Senators "
  • Bryant, his assistant
  • Miss Weston, Secretary
  • Lynch, newspaper reporter
  • Baseball Commissioner
  • Postmaster
  • Baseball fans, children, Reporter

Damn Yankees ( German for " Damn Yankees ", but is the German title " football fever ") is a musical in two acts by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. The two wrote not only the music but also the song lyrics. Otherwise, the libretto by George Abbott and Douglas Wallop comes. The latter is also the author of the novel " The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant " on which is based the libretto. The novel, in turn, treats a modern form of the Faust legend. The musical premiered on May 5, 1955 On 46th Street Theatre in New York City. In the German-speaking area of the piece for the first time in the city of Oberhausen Theatre took to the stage. Franklin Fanning had the translation and worried at the same time worked on the musical for German conditions.

  • 3.1 In the first act
  • 3.2 In the second act


In the musical it comes to the U.S. very popular sport of baseball. If the piece in German speaking countries brought to the stage, is "Baseball" is usually replaced by "football" and moved the action to the place of performance. The clubs then have names that are familiar to the public, such as at the German premiere "Rot-Weiss Oberhausen ". Consequently, then also carry the persons acting predominantly German name.


Act I

Joe Boyd's whole passion is baseball club " Washington Senators ". He has just seen again on television his team lose to the " New York Yankees ", which he acknowledged with the curse, " Damn Yankees ". His wife Meg has just gone to bed, he gets an unexpected visit by the devil in the figure of businessman Mr. Applegate. The offers him a deal: he 'll turn him into a 22 -year-old genius gifted baseball player named Joe Hardy, who leads his beloved team to the championship. In return, Joe would prescribe him his soul. Joe accepted, conditionally, however, from that of the contract not then would have followed if he is to entschlösse before the decisive game in September, not to play in this.

Mr. Applegate itself leads his protégé to the " Senators ". He pretends to be a reporter for a daily newspaper Hannibaler who had learned of the concerns of the " Senators ". Because he was a big fan of them, he would free them from their troubles. He praises Joe as a promising talent, and after it has delivered a short sample of his skills, he is taken equal to the team.

A few weeks later, Joe is tired of always staying at the hotel. Because his wife Meg is looking for a lodger, he applied with success to the room. Mr. Applegate fears his protege could be unfaithful to him. So he orders his assistant Lola, to ensnare the young man with all its charms. Lola also falls out number of occasions to seduce the players, but unfortunately it remains the success failed.

The season is coming to an end. She is so far gone well for the " Senators ". Should they win the upcoming second last game, they would have achieved her dreams. As the journalist Gloria Thorpe bursts in with the news that her research had revealed that Joe, a player from the Mexican League was, who had been life-long closed due to unfair machinations and had therefore been smuggled in under a false name in the American League. However, in the hustle and bustle of Vorsiegesfreude their words fall on fertile ground no. As she turns to a higher authority and ensures that Joe is charged before a court of arbitration.

Second Act

The team is preparing for the second- last game. Coach Van Buren 's pissed because his main performers missing. Nevertheless, he motivated his boys after forces. But all efforts are in vain; the game is lost. For Joe Hardy is hold happiness. Gloria Thorpe can not prove that this is identical to the locked players. Consequently, the introduced against him ends with an acquittal. Joe's joy but suddenly clouded when he learns that his " Senators " have lost the game. He finds solace in his landlady. Takes you to meet him so much understanding that he wants suddenly to be back the old Joe Boyd. About Lola he can align Mr. Applegate, he wanted to be converted back before the game.

Lola is about Joe's desire not happy. She has fallen in love with the player and hopes to spend at least one night of love with him. As soon as she has her boss delivered the message, it gives this a sleeping pill in his nightcap and ensures that it can on the day of the final match in due time be on hand to perform at Joe Hardy metamorphosis to Joe Boyd. This is why nothing else left but to support his team on the court against the " Yankees ". And lo and behold, the miracle happens: The " Senators " will for the first time champion.

Actually, Joe's soul would now belong to the devil. However, because not everything has been received with the right things at Joe's last deployment, he may again take its former shape and be happy with his wife Meg.

Musical numbers

In the first act

  • Overture (Orchestra)
  • Six Month Out Of Every Year - Football is my throat ( Meg and Joe )
  • Goodbye, Old Girl - Farewell, my love (Joe)
  • Heart - Courage ( Van Buren and his crew )
  • Shoeless Joe From Hannibal Mo - Barefoot Joe from Itzehoe ( Gloria, Joe and the Senators )
  • A Man Does not Know - A man must first lose something (Joe)
  • A little Brains - Intelligence, to talent ( Lola )
  • Whatever Lola Wants - Whatever Lola wants ( Lola )
  • Who's Got The Pain? - Where does it hurt? ( Lola and the dancers )

In the second act

  • Entr'acte (Orchestra)
  • The Game - The Game (Rocky, Smoky, Vernon, Henry and other team members )
  • Near To You - close to you ( Meg and Joe )
  • Those Were The Good Old Days - The good old days ( Mr. Applegate )
  • Final