Dan Ar Braz

Dan Ar Braz (* February 15, 1949 in Quimper, Brittany; bourgeois Daniel Le Bras, interim stage name Dan Ar Bras ), is a French singer-songwriter and guitarist and the founder of L' Héritage of Celite ®. His work largely falls within the range of the electrically -Celtic music.


1963, at the age of almost 14, Daniel Le Bras discovered the guitar. His preference for the rock led him to artists such as Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Bob Dylan and a little later to Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones. His knowledge he gained while playing at the village festivals and in bars.

The time Stivell

Daniel's father wanted him to got to the hotel and catering industry and not making music. 1967, he worked as a waiter in Benodet he met Alan Stivell, who invited him into his group. The group's repertoire included music from Alan Stivell from Brittany, from Scotland and Ireland. Gabriel Yacoub Also, the later the band Malicorne founded, was a member of the band, who worked a decade.

By 1967, Daniel Le Bras had never played traditional music. Now he discovered the folk-rock for themselves.

The group played mostly in Brittany - this was the time in which he his Breton roots was aware. He changed his name to Dan Ar Bras. After a successful tour in 1971 in France, the band toured Europe, North America and Australia. The so-called Celtic music was popular.

At the same time, he participated (1972-1977) at the recording of seven albums Alan Stivells, including Renaissance de la harpe celtique, Chemins de terre and E Dulenn - A Dublin.

The solo career

In 1973 he founded his own group Mor. This group disbanded shortly after recording the first album. Was followed by a solo album with Irish jigs and reels, but was not successful. In 1976 he moved to England and joined Fairport Convention on a tour in England and the United States. He changed his name again, this time in Dan Ar Braz. For about a year he played at concerts with Fairport Convention, however, took on an album with them. He returned to Brittany to record three solo albums of Celtic music. He sang in Breton, French and English.

For some years he turned away from the Celtic music. In 1981 he undertook a concert tour of Europe with his album Acoustic, a collection of self-composed instrumental pieces.

Between 1984 and 1987 he made more than a dozen concert tours in the United States. At this time the album Musique pour les silences à venir arose. After another instrumental album, he surprised with a collection of songs in English, Songs. He himself wrote, except for one each by Richard Thompson and Donovan.

1992 was an industrious year for him: He continued the work begun in 1979 continued with the texts of Xavier Grall, which ended in the album Allez dire à la ville. Rêves de Siam is the music of a film by Olivier Bourbeillon for which he assisted Martin Allcock, John Kirkpatrick and Ronan Le Bars. Les Îles de la mémoire was the third album this year.

L' Héritage of Celite ®

In 1991, the album Borders of Salt has been published. The title track was a hallmark of l' Héritage of Celite ®: be, founded three years later ( German heritage of the Celts ). On the occasion of the 70th Festival de Cornwall in Quimper 1993 Dan Ar Braz gave the final concert, surrounded by 75 musicians, including Donal Lunny, the. Shotts Pipe Band from Glasgow and bagad Kemper The concept of l' Héritage was born.

In 1994 Borders of Salt, taken by Brian Masterson at Windmill Lane Recording Studio, Dublin; U2 was also among the participants. This album has sold 100,000 copies. Dan Ar Braz could together with the musicians who participated in the project, show the richness of Celtic music in its diversity. Besides the already cited contributors worked with Elaine Morgan, Nollaig Casey, Karen Matheson ( Capercaillie singer ), Yann- Fañch Kemener, Donald Shaw, Gilles Servat, Carlos Núñez and many others. The intent is to accept the cultural heritage of the Celts across the music.

1995 saw En Concert ( video available ) with new titles. In 1996, Dan Ar Braz part with l' Héritage the Celtes at Euro Vision Song Contest. With the piece Diwanit Bugale they finished 19th place. A year later the album was released Finis Terres. Published in 1998 the double album Zénit and 1999 Bretagnes à Bercy with Armens, Gilles Servat, Alan Stivell Tri Yann and. In August 2000, l' Héritage of Celite ® was invited to the festival interceltic de Lorient; on this occasion, Dan Ar Braz announced the end of this commitment. In 2011, however, he gave in the press about a angedachte return of the project.

Among the most famous musicians of the project include Yann- Fañch Kemener (vocals), Dónal Lunny ( bouzouki ), Carlos Núñez ( bagpipe ), Sharon Shannon ( accordion) and Didier Squiban ( piano).


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