Dan Bricklin

Daniel S. Bricklin ( born July 15, 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) developed in 1979 along with Bob Frankston, the first software for spreadsheets. VisiCalc ran on Apple II computers and was instrumental in their success.


Daniel Bricklin spent his school years in the Akiba Hebrew Academy. Already there he gained his first experience with programming. In 1973, he received his bachelors degree at MIT, one of the leading universities in the technical field. There he met Bob Frankston know. After graduating, he worked at DEC, among other things on word processing program WPS -8, which was developed as one of the first of its kind for a PDP -8. At Harvard Business School, he graduated in 1979 its MBA. There he had the idea for a spreadsheet program. Together with Frankston, he developed a program that he later called VisiCalc. Together, they formed the same after studying the company Software Arts. For VisiCalc Dan Bricklin was Grace Murray Hopper Award in 1981. Bricklin rose in 1985 from the company and founded Software Garden. There he developed a program for prototyping and simulating software. With this he won the 1986 Software Publishers Association Award for Best programming tool and 1987 the same again. A new version of the program Also, the program Page Garden for laser printers come from him.

In 1990 he founded together with other software company Slate Corporation. They dealt mainly with software for tablet computers, but the company had to close after four years because the business was not running. Bricklin went back to Software Garden, where he developed the OverAll Viewer, a product to graphically display data and a program to demonstrate software on Microsoft Windows. In 1995 he founded a new company: the Trellix Corporation. These dealt with website creation technologies and hosting of websites. A well-known product is Trellix Web, which was used on approximately 35 million devices. The company was founded by Interland, Inc. (now Web.com ), a major provider of hosting solutions, acquired.

Bricklin is also to have coined the term friend-to -friend networking for a kind of anonymous P2P network and received in 2003 as leader of the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Technologieumschwüngen Award.