Dan David Prize

The Dan David Prize is a prize of one million dollars per award, which gives the Dan David Foundation and Tel Aviv University annually to three recipients for outstanding contributions in the fields of science, technology, culture or social services. There are three price categories: past, present and future. The winners in turn donate ten percent of their prize money to outstanding graduate students and researchers in their own field.


Dan David ( born 1929 in Bucharest ) joined as a 16- year-old a Zionist youth movement. He studied economics, then switched to photography, worked for the Romanian Television and then for a newspaper that released him, when it was learned there from his Zionist past. David emigrated first to Paris, and in 1960 to Israel. With $ 200,000, which had lent him a cousin, David 1961 acquired in Europe franchise rights for photo booths. After branches in Israel, Spain, Romania and Italy, he finally took over the entire company.


In 2000, David founded the Dan David Foundation with a capital of $ 100 million. Founding director was Professor Gad Barzilai; Itamar Rabinovich now heads, the former president of the University of Tel Aviv, the foundation. The first award was presented in May 2001 at the Tel Aviv University held; 2007 at the Paris Opera.

Award winners


  • Science Award (Israel )
  • Technology Award
  • Price by eponym
  • Culture ( Tel Aviv )