Dan Hill

Dan Hill ( born June 3, 1954 in Toronto, Ontario; actually Daniel Hill Jr. ) is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter.


Dan Hill is the son of social scientist Daniel Hill Sr. and the brother of the author Lawrence Hill.

His greatest achievement is undoubtedly " Sometimes When we touch ," which he published in 1977 on his album " Longer Fuse", which Rod Stewart, Barry White and Tina Turner as well as a few other artists published cover versions. The probably best known version of this ballad is the duet with Rique Franks, a derived also from Canada singer, with whom he some songs for his 1993 released album "Let me show you ( Greatest Hits and more) " recorded together.

In addition, Dan Hill sang the theme song "It's a long road " to the movie Rambo with Sylvester Stallone. The theme is taken up again in the final scene in the recent movie John Rambo.

Especially in Canada, he is still a successful and well-known singer today.

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