Dan K. Moore

Daniel Killian " Dan " Moore ( born April 2, 1906 in Asheville, North Carolina, † September 7, 1986 in Raleigh, North Carolina) was an American lawyer and politician (Democratic Party) and the 66th Governor of the State of North Carolina.

Early years and political rise

Dan Moore grew up in Sylva, where he attended the local schools. He then went to the University of North Carolina, where he studied economics and law. After his admission to the bar in 1929, he opened a law office in Sylva. In addition, he became district attorney. In 1941 he was elected to the House of Representatives from North Carolina. During the Second World War, he served in a medical unit of the U.S. Army in Europe. In 1948 he was appointed by Governor R. Gregg Cherry Judge of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. This office he held for the next ten years. He then worked for a private company ( Champions Paper Inc. ) and there increased rapidly in the boardroom.

Governor of North Carolina

In 1964 Moore was nominated by his party for the office of governor and then elected with 56.6 percent of the vote against Republican Robert L. Gavin. His term began on January 1, 1965 and ended four years later on January 1, 1969. During this time, the teachers received in North Carolina, the highest salary increase in the state's history. In addition, the loan fees for textbooks at the schools were abolished. In addition, the road network was expanded. The governor campaigned for a peaceful coexistence of races in North Carolina. At the same time, an appeal court has been launched. Another task of the governor was to attract industrial enterprises from outside of North Carolina or to move domestic companies to expand their businesses. That brought the country a strong economic recovery.

Another Journey

At the end of his tenure, he worked as an attorney in Raleigh. At the Democratic National Convention in August 1968 in Chicago, he was one of the candidates for the presidential nomination. The following year he was appointed by Robert W. Scott, his successor in the governorship, as a judge to the Supreme Court ( Supreme Court ) of the state. He held this position until 1978. After that, he was a lawyer again. Dan Moore died in September 1986.