Dan Osman

Dan Osman ( born February 11, 1963; † November 23, 1998 in Yosemite National Park ) was an American extreme sports of Japanese origin.

Osman was free solo, so the climbing without ropes or other safety equipment, and the "controlled free-fall " to the well known to several hundred meters deep jump from a rock, which is collected only from a climbing rope.

With a "Speed ​​Free Solo " he labeled the 1997 peak of his career. He ascended in California almost vertically ascending 400 feet (about 122 m) high Bears Reach in Lover's Leap in 4:25 minutes.

Through his climbing it happened often that he experienced deep falls in his rope, but he noticed that this falls exercised a special " Thrill " on him. He then dealt with more and more experiments to jump rope. He jumped deliberately from trees and rocks in his safety rope. For this purpose one must know that modern (dynamic ) Climbing ropes, even at the time of Osman, almost any fall could hold. Climbing ropes are according to the standard can withstand a certain number of standard falls, a fall, the information required by this specification force in practice almost never occurs.

On November 23, 1998 Dan Osman died at the age of 35 in Yosemite National Park, as with a jump of 335 meters from the " Leaning Tower " his rope broke. Cause of the accident was that he was short changed the location for the jump because the dawn began and he wanted to bring the record jump over. Perhaps he feared that the park management would forbid him the next day another attempt. By the change of location, however, overlapped the already long exposed to wind and weather safety bonds, thus it came with the jump to a friction melt at a node, and the rope broke. He left his then twelve year old daughter Emma.

His friend and climbing companion in Outside Magazine: