Dana Pyritz

Dana Pomerania ( born August 31, 1970 in Kühlungsborn) is a former German rower, who was 1992 Olympic bronze medalist with the eighth.


Dana Pomerania occupied in the German Championship in 1992 with their rowing community second in the eighth. At the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992 she was assigned as Ersatzruderin and came for Ina Justh in the eighth, the with in the cast Annegret Bush, Sylvia Dördelmann, Cerstin Petermann, Kathrin Haacker, Dana Pomerania, Christiane Harzendorf, Ute Wagner, Judith Zeidler control woman Daniela Neunast won the bronze medal. 1993 Dana Pomerania won their first league titles in eight, at the World Championship of Roller took third place. Even more successful of the German roller was in season 1994. At the World Championships in Indianapolis, the boat won the occupation Kathrin Haacker, Antje Reehag, Andrea Klapheck, Dana Pomerania, Doreen Martin, Micaela Schmidt, Stefani Werre Meier, Ute Wagner and control Doreen quick. In 1995, Pomerania together with Doreen Martin in the four without coxswain, the two won by Heike Zazworka and Andrea business the German Championship, at the World Championships in Tampere they finished with Anke hamlets and Whip John took second place behind the four from the United States.

Since the four had been taken without the benefit of the 1996 lightweight classes from the Olympic program, Dana Pomerania tried for the Olympic season for a return in the eighth. At the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, she sat with her twin sister Anja Pomerania in the boat, but the aft reached only the B-final and finished in the final eighth. The twins won the German championship in 1997 and 1998 in the eighth, but only in 2001 succeeded again the profit of an international medal. At the World Cup in Lucerne, the German Roller won the Pommern- sisters the bronze medal, this medal success was repeated aft 2002 in Seville. In 2003, Dana Pomerania again in the four without coxswain and won in this class of boat also bronze at the World Championships in Milan.