Dance Dance Revolution

In Dance Dance Revolution is a relatively simple structured game from Konami, arrows appear on the screen in which the beat of running music. The player stands on a dance mat, and must occur at the right moment with the corresponding arrows. In Europe, the game was sold by the end of 2008 under the name Dancing Stage, now the game is marketed with the same name around the world.

The game can, depending on the system and version, played by one to four players. Some versions also offer a so-called "double " mode in which a player uses two dance mats.

Originally, this game was developed in 1998 for arcades in Japan. Meanwhile, however, also versions for Dreamcast, PC, PlayStation, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 (2010) are available. Overall, in the latter version 150 original songs as well as various game modes are available.

Dance Dance Revolution belongs to the family of the Bemani games, of which there are several variations, which are distinguished mainly by different input devices. These include, for example, drums, drums, guitars and mixing desks.