Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen song)

Dancing in the Dark is a song by Bruce Springsteen from 1984, which was both written by him as also produced by him, Jon Landau and Chuck Plotkin.


Dancing in the Dark was the last track that was recorded in 1984 for the album Born in the USA. Previously, Springsteen had considered his album as finished, but his manager Jon Landau asked him to write yet another song for the album. This led to a dispute between Springsteen and Landau, and to put an end, Springsteen wrote Dancing in the Dark. The song was included in the " Hit Factory Studios " in New York on February 9, 1984.

The content is in the song to the frustration of the lyrical ego, which is not satisfied with the everyday and the hopelessness of his life: Every evening he go to work, come morning home tired, go to bed, nothing was as tired and suffering from the stupidity his daily life. In the second verse illustrates the lyric I, that it was determined to change his life. In the third and final stanza the lyric I asks his interlocutor who is in a similar forward -free and socially precarious situation on to be the spark to light a fire to bring ie action and variety in his life. The text is very self-centered, the first seven main phrases of the song starting with " I ". The lyrical I is ultimately only about his escape from the hopelessness, the interlocutor is only seen as a means to initiate the required process.

The song was released on May 4, 1984. In the United States the hit went to # 2 on the Billboard charts. It was Springsteen's first hit since 1981 and the beginning of a string of top 10 hits. A number -one hit was the song, among others, in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the UK the single reached only number 18, after a re-release of the single in early January 1985, the title reached No. 4

At the Grammy Awards 1985 hit won in the category " Best Male Vocal Performance - Rock" ( Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male).

Since then the song has been released, it is played in many concerts Springsteen, for example, during the Born in the USA Tour, the Tunnel of Love Express tour or just on the Bruce Springsteen and the " Other Band" Tour.

Music Video

The music video was directed by Brian De Palma. In the plot Bruce Springsteen carries the song before on a stage before a large audience, but he brings a fan (played by Courteney Cox ) on stage and dances with it. The clip was shot in June 1984 in the Minnesota River Centre, St. Paul. The first broadcast took place on MTV on July 10, 1984.

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