Daniel Bernhardt

Daniel Bernhardt ( born August 31, 1965 in Worblaufen ) is a Swiss stuntman and actor.

Bernhardt trained as a technical draftsman. After the end then worked as a model and eventually worked as an actor in several B- and C- productions. Since he was 15, he trained martial arts. As part of a promotional film for Versace, he used his martial arts and from the shooting, he developed an application video. Mark DiSalle consequently became aware of him, so Bernhardt finally to IV got the lead role in the films Bloodsport II, even if DiSalle was contrary to other plans no longer involved in this.

In action thriller Tornado - Deadly Wake of Alain Jakubowicz from 2002 he represented as a journalist Josh Barnaby the lead role. In the science fiction movie The Matrix Reloaded, he was seen in 2003 as Agent Johnson.

In the eleventh episode of the third season of Germany's Next Topmodel he taught the candidates such as Arts working in the film with Martial, since they had to shoot a commercial in which these skills were needed.

In 2007 he made ​​his debut as a director with the film Fetch.

Bernhardt is married to Lisa Stothard and since May 15, 2003 Father of a daughter. He met his wife while filming Bloodsport IV - The Dark Kumite know.

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