Daniel D. Tompkins

Daniel D. Tompkins ( June 21, 1774 Fox Meadows (later Scarsdale ), New York, † June 11, 1825 in Tompkinsville ) was an American politician and the sixth Vice President of the United States.

Tompkins studied law and then gained experience in Parliament and in the State of New York Supreme Court before he was from 1807 to 1817 Governor of New York. During this time he beat out an offer to join the administration of U.S. President James Madison. But under President James Monroe, he was then from 1817 to 1825 Vice President of the United States and also represented his confident attitude towards the European powers.

Tompkins died shortly after the end of his term, in which he founded settlement Tompkinsville on Staten Iceland, just outside New York City. He was married to Hannah Minthorne since 1798, the couple had eight children together.