Daniel Mainwaring

Daniel Mainwaring ( born February 27, 1902 in Oakland, † January 31, 1977 in Los Angeles ) was an American author and screenwriter.

Life and career

Mainwaring worked as a journalist before he established himself as a writer. Except for his debut novel One Against the Earth, he published all literary works under the pseudonym Geoffrey Homes. As his best work is considered to Build My Gallows High. Meanwhile, filming Out ​​of the Past, directed by Jacques Tourneur, after a self-written script of Mainwaring, is one of the most important representatives of film noir dar.

Other well-known directors, for Mainwaring worked as a screenwriter, were Joseph Losey and Don Siegel. For Siegel, he wrote the screenplay for the Body Snatchers ( based on a novel by Jack Finney ), which is considered a classic of the science fiction film today.

Mainwaring took an openly left-liberal attitude and put his name at least once an author available, which was not to be mentioned by name as the author because of its inclusion in the " Black List " of the Committee on Un-American Activities. On the other hand, the declining among other things, an interview with Joseph Losey information, Mainwaring stood together on the " Black List ", described by Mainwaring widow to be incorrect. Mainwaring appeared in the 1950s, especially in the titles of his scripts based films; the first author from the " Black List ", which was officially re- named in a film leader, was Dalton Trumbo in the resulting 1960 exodus.

In the last years of his professional life Mainwaring wrote screenplays for television series.