Daniel Schuhmacher

Daniel Shoemaker ( born April 19, 1987 in Pfullendorf, Baden- Württemberg ) is a German pop singer and songwriter. He won in 2009 the sixth season of the talent show Germany sucht den Superstar (DSDS ).

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Daniel Schuhmacher has completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and student 2008 the Business High School in Riedlingen since September. For American Idol he be exempted from school, but did after the jump in the top eight in, drop out of school and want to focus on the music.

Shoemaker has not previously received singing lessons still played an instrument, not even sung in a band. As a musical role model he calls the iconic American singer Kelly Clarkson.


Musical beginnings

In the fifth season of American Idol shoemaker has already participated once before, when he came Recall the Top 30 candidates. In the finale of the sixth season of Germany sucht den Superstar won shoemaker with a vote share of 50.47 percent, just before Sarah Cross. Connected to the victory was a shoemaker a recording contract with Sony BMG and was managed by RTL juror Volker Neumüller.

His first single Anything but Love has sold within a week as good as any other single a music artist or a music band in a week in 2009. Moreover Shoemaker received the gold record for the single.

David Guetta was on 11 June 2009 in front of 15,000 spectators along with Dominik Buechele and Sarah Cross a concert in his hometown Pfullendorf. On April 19, 2009 on the occasion of his 22nd birthday, he was there already a concert with 6000 visitors. On July 12, 2009 Daniel Schuhmacher sang at the opening Grand Prix of Germany Formula 1, the German national anthem. Shoemaker also appeared as a " Special Guest " in front of Simply Red at their farewell concert at the Cathedral Square in Ulm on 19 July 2009.

His debut album, titled The album was released on 19 June 2009 and peaked in the album chart top spot first for his debut album Daniel Schuhmacher received both in Germany and in Austria a gold record. In September 2009, Dieter Bohlen separated by a shoemaker. The reason Bohlen stated lack of time.

On 20 November 2009 began with a concert in the Augsburg Congress Hall shoemaker Germany tour. In autumn 2009, his second single Honestly, the shoemaker was first published without Dieter Bohlen, produced with composer Alex Christensen. For a sequence of the American television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Daniel Schuhmacher dubbed a singer. The episode aired in the fall of 2009 on RTL.

In early 2010 was followed by the third single, If It 's Love which was produced by Thorsten Brötzmann. The CD contains, besides the uptempo song, which was written by Florian Prengel and Boris Schmidt, and even the ballad A Million Miles Away from Sweden Per Ekklund. In September 2010, its fourth single and released his second album Feel Nothing to Lose was released. The single made ​​it feel a week in the charts and was ranked 50th His second album Nothing to Lose also placed a week in the Top 100 at number 37 and that in November / December 2010 was followed by Daniel Shoemaker's second tour of Germany. Shoemaker in 2010 nominated for two echoes in the categories "Best National Newcomer " and " Best Video National ". In May, he won the VIVA Comet 2010 in the category "Best Rookie ". In the category " Star of Stars" shoemaker was also nominated.

Change in management, career as a solo artist and songwriter

In May 2011, David Guetta has announced the separation of Neumller to concentrate on his own music can. Shoemaker will henceforth media- 4-u supervised by the media agency. His third tour took Daniel Schuhmacher 2011 by ten German cities. For the first time presented shoemaker to the public almost exclusively self-written songs. On December 2, 2011 shoemaker made ​​his debut as a songwriter and publish the self-written song On a New Wave, which was initially only available in digital form. Due to popular demand, the single was released on December 23, 2011, in physical form. The script for the eponymous video wrote Daniel Schuhmacher also itself

In January 2012, Daniel Shoemaker's first live DVD I Lose Myself followed in the Music - An Evening with David Guetta as a limited edition, which is not commercially available, but only via shoemaker shop. The production of the DVD took place in late summer 2011 as part of an acoustic concert. Setting was an old cinema in the country. In addition to various festival and live performances in 2012, David Guetta acted as support for the British singer Marlon Roudette, on its European tour, in Rottweil. From November 2012 to January 2013 shoemaker went with his live band again on tour in Germany.

In August 2013 appeared with Rolling Stone shoemaker second single from the album diversity. The single contains the radio and album version, a piano version that was recorded during a live concert in Berlin. Was produced the single with the musician Bernhard Selbach and the British band mirrors. Rolling Stone was able to enter at number 86 in the German single charts.

On October 25, 2013 Daniel Schuhmacher released his third album Diversity, which contains only the first self-written song. The songs deal with, according to Shoemaker among other issues such as his musical emancipation, and his development as a person; next pop / rock pieces with 80's synth influences are also other genres represented ( souligeres piece, a rock number ). On the production of diversity among others Jacob Hansonis, Bernhard Selbach, Chris Buseck and the band mirrors were involved. The iTunes version of the album also includes the bonus track, the ballad Your Revenge, an acoustic version with piano accompaniment. At the same time appeared with gold, another song from the album Diversity, which was also produced by the band mirrors. The single also includes another non-album track, the rock song Shady, which was produced by Jacob Hansonis.

Social Commitment

Since May 2011, Daniel Schuhmacher involved as an ambassador for the Heart of the kids relief from SWR and SR, for disadvantaged children and young people in Baden- Württemberg.

As part of the program Street2Sanctuary Hard Rock Cafe Europe Daniel Schuhmacher was in April 2012, a benefit concert in Berlin's Hard Rock Cafe. The proceeds went to the organization Bombayteenchallenge, which cares for needy youngsters in India. Early 2012 took shoemaker, together with other artists, the single A New Day on. A New Day is a charity song project, initiated by Holger Bauer, Rudi Schedler Musikverlag as well as Germany's Relief Association. The single was released on December 7, 2012, and comes to the Disaster Relief Fund of Germany's Relief benefit. Because of its strong commitment to the care clinic Tannheim and his benefit concert on 15 May 2012, Daniel Schuhmacher was convened in August 2012 in the Board of Trustees of the German Childhood Cancer After Care - a foundation that works for the rehabilitation of chronically ill children and their families.

Appearances on " Germany seeks the superstar "


Theme shows


Studio albums



  • 2009: Anything but Love
  • 2009: Honestly
  • 2010: If It 's Love
  • 2010: Feel
  • 2011: On a New Wave
  • 2012: I Lose Myself in the Music - An Evening with Daniel Schuhmacher (DVD)
  • 2013: Rolling Stone
  • 2013: Gold

Awards for music sales

Golden Record

  • Germany 2009: For the single " Anything but Love"
  • 2009: For the album " The Album "
  • 2009: For the album " The Album "

Benefit Singles

  • 2012: A New Day - A New Day Project


  • Germany: Election Fleurop summer hit 2009
  • Comet 2010: " Best Newcomers "
  • Myspace: Best Act National 2010