Daniel Simon

Daniel Simon (* 1975 in Stralsund ) is a German automobile designer. He designs cars ( and motorcycles) not only for car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Bugatti, but also for science fiction movies of the Disney Studios, Marvel and Universal, and as a visual artist. His artistic masterpiece is a series of images created with computers of futuristic cars, rockets and spaceships, which he assigns to a conceived by him as a science fiction author spaceship and car manufacturer called Cosmic Motors. Series of images of him appeared in many international magazines such as Ramp, Wired, Car & Driver, Motor Trend, 3DMag or Top Gear. With this success, playing alongside his fanciful designs of technology also often good-looking scantily clad ladies a role that animate many of his paintings and represent the most commonly young heiresses of his imagination Group Cosmic Motors.

Meanwhile, Daniel Simon Cosmic Motors used as a label for its real designer company. By design of the 2011 racing car of Formula 1 racing team poorest Hispania Racing F1 Team now also wore a real car the inscription Cosmic Motors.

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Daniel Simon was born in 1975 in Stralsund. He studied Transportation Design at the Fachhochschule Pforzheim, a study, from which he graduated in 2001 with a bachelor's degree.

After graduation, he worked for the VW Group, from 2001 as a Senior Concept Designer and later as a concept car lead designer. Simon designed concept cars for auto shows and worked as a Concept Designer at a 1200 - hp version of the Bugatti Veyron. Simon and pulled 2005-2007 to Brazil, where he created the photo-realistically painted picture series about the he invented spaceship and car Group Cosmic Motors, who in the book Cosmic Motors: Spaceships is shown, Cars and Pilots of Another Galaxy. Current time in which he lived on 's savings, Simon describes as a best time of his life.

In 2011 he designed the finish of the Formula 1 race car HRT F111 Hispania Racing F1 Team of. Since 2011 he works as a car designer for the film project Oblivion at Universal Studios.


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