Daniel Wende

Daniel turning ( born July 24, 1984 in Essen) is a German figure skater.


Daniel is turning pair of runners and running along with Maylin turn. He is a member of GMST food and started seven years ago with the ice skating. First, he ran along with Rebecca Handke. Both trained at Julia Gnilosoubowa. In autumn 2004 they changed their coach and were now maintained by Knut Schubert. They trained both in Dortmund and Berlin.

Daniel has turn his education interrupted studies with a specialization sports. Since 1 July 2005, he is a sports soldier of the Bundeswehr.

After the 2006/2007 season, Rebecca Handke and Daniel parted turn. For one year he ran with the Russian Ekaterina Wassiliewa from Saint Petersburg ( 6 the Junior World Championships in 2006 with Alexander Smirnov ). However, after the 2007/ 08 season fell apart this partnership because Wassiljewas visa was not renewed. The new couple Hausch / turn trained since September 2008 in Oberstdorf Karel Fajfr.

Maylin Hausch and Daniel turn qualified for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, where it reached number 17.

In the final Kürtraining at the European Championships in 2012 collided with Daniel turning Mari Vartmann. Here, one of his runners was damaged. This damage disabled him heavily in the final freestyle. Nevertheless, the couple was in Sheffield still seventh at the European Championships in 2012.

Since June 6, 2013 Maylin and Daniel are married.

Achievements / Results

  • Legend: = no-star with Rebecca Handke; * = With Ekaterina Wassiliewa; Maylin Hausch ** = with; J = junior; WD = withdrawn; JGP = Junior Grand Prix