Daniela Neunast

Daniela Neunast ( born September 19, 1966 in Potsdam) is a former coxswain in rowing from the German Democratic Republic. 1988 she succeeded in the aft of the Olympic victory.

Daniela Neunast began at the SG Dynamo Potsdam and moved to 1990 RC Hansa Dortmund in 1898. In 1982, she was a four- Potsdam GDR champion and fourth in the Junior World Championships. In 1983, she won the junior world title in four in 1984 in the aft. With the quad in the cast Carola Lichey, Steffi Götzelt, Jutta Abromeit and Kerstin Spittler won control woman Neunast 1985 both in the GDR Championship and at the World Championships in adult category. 1986 Neunast sat in the GDR eight and won at the World Championships silver behind the boat from the Soviet Union. 1987 occupied the eighth to fourth place. At the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul controlled by their DDR eighth in the occupation Annegret Bush, Judith Zeidler, Kathrin Haacker, Ute Wild, Anja Kluge, Ramona Balthasar, Beatrix Schroer and Ute rod won ahead of the boats from Romania and China. 1989 occupied the GDR rollercoaster with Neunast on the ropes in second place behind world champion Romania.

Then Daniela Neunast took a baby break and returned to the Olympic season 1992. In the West German Roller, who was at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona at the start, sat with Annegret Bush, Kathrin Haacker, Ute Wagner- rod, Judith Zeidler and just Daniela Neunast five rowers from the gold - Aft of the GDR from 1988; the German boat won bronze in Barcelona behind the Canadians and the Romanians. At the 1993 World Championships, Romania and the United States were submitted to the German roller.

For her Olympic gold medal in Seoul in 1988 Neunast was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in gold.