Daniela Schadt

Daniela Schadt ( born January 3, 1960 in Hanau ) is a German journalist and the life partner of the German President Joachim Gauck.


Schadts parents was founded in 1927 Hanauer paint factory Schadt & Co. KG. In 1978, she presented at the Karl Rehbein - school her hometown of the Abitur. She then studied at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main German, French politics and literature. She graduated in 1985 with a Master of Arts from. First Schadt began an internship at the Hanauer Anzeiger. In 1986, she came as a freelancer for the Nürnberger Zeitung. Following an internship since 1992 Schadt worked there as an editor and later as head of the department internal affairs. Since the election of the Federal President Gauck they can rest their journalistic activities.

In the Nuremberg Press Club she takes an honorary perceive the task of the assessor on the board. It is, as before her marriage women of all previous German president, patron of UNICEF and the Mothers ' Convalescence.


Since 2000 she has been romantically involved with Joachim Gauck. They met each other at one of his lectures in Nürnberg. Gauck was then Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Archives. She is unmarried and has no children.


  • 2013: Grand Cross of the Falcon
  • 2013: Order of Mary's Land - Cross, First Class