Daniele Nardello

Daniele Nardello ( born August 2, 1972 in Varese, Italy ) is an Italian former racing driver and current sports director.

Sports career

Nardello started his professional career in 1994 with the team Mapei. In the eight years with this team, he was able to achieve considerable success. After moving to Team Telekom 2003, he was due to several fall-related injuries initially unable to build on its previous successes. Only towards the end of the season, he managed again to come with important race on the podium. In 2004 he competed at the Summer Olympics in Athens and finished 35th place in the road race

Eight times denied Nardello the Tour de France. In 1998, he managed to win a stage and finished eighth overall. The following year he finished second in the Tour overall ranking seventh.

Daniele Nardello 2007 moved from T-Mobile team for Swiss racing team LPR. After a crash at the Tour Down Under in 2009 came Nardello no longer correct in form and announced in March of the same year, the end of his career. On April 8, finally ended his contract with his employer Fuji - Servetto.

Conflict with Simeoni

Filippo Simeoni accused Nardello to have sharp insulted him during the 18th stage of the 2004 Tour de France, while Lance Armstrong supported in a private feud against Simeoni. Nardello rejected these accusations. The background was that Simeoni had testified as a witness to have been given by the physician Michele Ferrari, who also oversaw Armstrong, doping agents, whereupon Armstrong Simeoni accused of lying.


After his resignation Nardello remained connected as Sports Director in cycling. Initially he worked for the team Geox - TMC, for which he was last drove until he moved to Green Edge early 2012.

Success (selection)

  • Paris - Bourges
  • Milan -Turin
  • A stage in the Vuelta a España
  • Tour of Austria
  • A stage and eighth overall Tour de France
  • Seventh Tour de France
  • A stage in the Vuelta a España
  • Seventh Tour de France
  • Italian Master
  • Rhineland -Palatinate Tour
  • Championship of Zurich