Danish Institute at Athens

The Danske Institut i Athen (Greek Ινστιτούτο της Δανίας στην Αθήνα, short DIA) is one of 17 foreign archaeological institutes in Greece, all of which have their head office in Athens.

History and tasks

The institute was founded in 1992 and collected by the Greek Ministry of Culture in the rank of a " School of Archaeology ". It is a non-profit organization whose sponsors are the Danish government, the Danish National Museum and the Universities of Aarhus, Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark. Institute is headed by Rune Frederiksen.

The Institute's mission is to conduct research on the archeology, history, literature, architecture, art history and culture of Greece and the modern Greek philology and support. In addition to archaeological field work, the institute readings, concerts and exhibition organized every two years. Danish PhD students it offers conferences, seminars and training courses.

Facilities and research

The Institute operates together with the archaeological institutes of Sweden, the Norwegians and the Finns Founded in 1996, Nordic Library at Athens, which comprises about 40,000 volumes on the archeology of Greece and Ancient History. In addition, it preserves the complete personal archive of 1991 deceased Greek poet and writer Dimitris Christodoulou.

Is to archaeological investigations in the form of surveys or excavations or was the Institute in Kato Vasiliki ( the ancient Chalcis in Aetolia ), in Calydon, in Kattavia involved in Rhodes and Kefalonia. Important are especially his research in the context of the initiated by the Institute seaport project in Piraeus.


Since 1995, The Institute publishes the irregular bi-annual journal Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens, the studies of Danish scientists to Greek themes released and informed about the own research of the Institute. The focus is on topics of ancient Greece, but also further post-antique and cultural aspects. Since 1997, published in the series Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens monographs and conference papers.