Danny Kalb

Danny Kalb ( born September 19, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York City ) is an American guitarist, known as a founder of the band Blues Project.

In the 1960 calf played guitar in recordings, among others, Phil Ochs, Judy Collins, Pete Seeger and Dave Van Ronk ..

From the Danny Kalb Quartet emerged in the early 1965, the Blues Project with Al Kooper, Steve Katz, Andy Kulberg, Roy Blumenfeld and Tommy Flanders. The band broke up in the late 1960s, took place in the 1970s but back to concerts together.

Even after the turn of the millennium, Danny Kalb is still active in the music scene.

Discography (selection)

See also Blues Project.

  • The Endeavor Jug Band (1963 )
  • The Blues Project ( Danny Kalb solo) (1963 )
  • Ragtime Jug Stompers (1964 )
  • The New Strangers ( 1964)
  • The Folk Stringers (1964 )
  • Cross Currents (1968 )
  • Livin 'With The Blues ( 1995)