Danny Kirwan

Danny Kirwan ( born May 13, 1950 in Brixton, south London ) is a British musician. He was from 1969 to 1972, the guitarist, songwriter and singer of Fleetwood Mac.


At age 17, he caught the attention of Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac when the heard him with one of the early bands Kirwans called Boiler House and saw his guitar technique. Daufhin Boiler House began a few concerts with established Fleetwood Mac to play. Although the rest of the band was not entirely convinced, offered Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac drummer, Kirwan in August 1968 to the membership. Fleetwood Mac thus became a band with three guitarists, alongside Green and Kirwan also just the gambling primarily slide guitar Jeremy Spencer.

The first recording with Kirwan was the UK number 1 hit Albatross. In the mid-1969 released album Then Play On is Kirwan shared almost half of the songwriting duties with Green and was almost as frequently heard as a singer. Despite the musical close it came to personal distancing, which led to the exit greens from the band in early 1970.

While his band membership Fleetwood Mac, he went to alcohol and drug abuse in psychiatric treatment and in 1972 released due to these problems, and because of his temperament from the band by Mick Fleetwood, since this was the only member of the band with at this time spoke to him. He brought out after three solo albums. The first album from 1975 was called " Chapter Two ", followed in 1976 by " Midnight In San Juan ". In 1979, still came the album " Hello There Big Boy! ". His mental health deteriorated rapidly at this time. Some sources make this the LSD drug escapades along with Green 1970 in Munich responsible. Others claim Kirwan would be prohibited from participating. In contrast to Green Kirwan could not get a grip on his mental problems also for many years. Therefore, there was no other musical activities from him. In the 1980s and 1990s Kirwan had slipped into homelessness in London.

He was married 1971-1976 and has a son.

Like some other British blues-rock guitarist from this period, Kirwan played some preferred models of Gibson Les Paul Standard.

Danny Kirwans solo albums

  • Second Chapter (DJM 1975)
  • Midnight In San Juan (DJM 1976)
  • Danny Kirwan (DJM 1977 - U.S. edition of Midnight in San Juan )
  • Hello There Big Boy! (DJM 1979)
  • Ram Jam City ( Mooncrest 2000 - demo tape for the "Second Chapter " album )

With Fleetwood Mac

  • English Rose (1969 )
  • The Pious Bird Of Good Omen (1969 )
  • Then Play On (1969 )
  • Fleetwood In Chicago / Blues Jam In Chicago (1969 )
  • Kiln House (1970 )
  • Future Games (1971 )
  • Greatest Hits (1971 )
  • Bare Trees (1972 )