Danny Way

Danny Way ( born April 15, 1974 in Portland, Oregon) is an American professional skateboarder. In 2005, he jumped the first skateboarder without motorized equipment on the Great Wall of China.


With 16 Way was sponsored by a company called H- Street, which, however, he soon left to join Blind, which he also left a year later to H- Street Co - Founder Mike Ternasky own company named Plan B to launch. Back in 1991, Way was Skater of the Year in Thrasher Magazine. A number of videos have been produced subsequently to it at a surfing accident, breaking his neck and had to suspend one year.

In 1995 he came back to the sport back and won the Tampa Pro Vert Competition, two years later, he also broke the world record for the highest jump on a skateboard. Between 1999 and 2002, Way had multiple operations undergo ( five knee and two shoulder operations ), which, however, all were successful. Then he constructed the first mega ramp, in which he also set a new record of 5.6 m height.

On 19 June 2003 he set up the second reconstruction of the ramp to other records, including the highest Christ Air, McTwist highest and highest FAStplant. The video footage appeared on the well -selling DC Video. In the sixth Transworld Skateboarding Awards, he won the title for best athletes in Vert- style. In 2004 he won the first Big Air Contest at the X-Games in Los Angeles, where he also broke records again ( new distance record ). In the same year he received the second time the title for skateboarders of the year by Thrasher Magazine.

On 9 June 2005, he became the first man jumped without motorized help, so only with his skateboard on the Great Wall of China. A year later he also won gold again at the X-Games in the Big Air discipline by a 70 -foot pit ( Gap ) jumped, the maneuver was rounded off with a backflip.

In the 14th X-Games in 2008, Danny Way hit with both shins on the edge of the quarterpipe. Although he could only hobble with the help of the ramp, he jumped a few minutes later the planned trick, finishing in second place.

Danny Way has long been sponsored by DC Shoes, which was co-founded by his brother. That's why he gets almost every year his own pro- model, which is sold worldwide.

He is also to be found in the nature of video games by EA Black Box Skate, Skate 2 and Skate 3 as (also playable ).