Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the Danish preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest.

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  • 2.2 Semifinals
  • 2.3 final
  • 3.1 Date of shipments
  • 3.2 Semifinals
  • 4.1 Changes to the System 2007 & 2008

Systems and voting modes

When Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was matched in different systems and Abstimmunsmodi. In the years 1967-1977, 1993, 1998 and 2003 no DMGP took place in 1996, 2004 and 2007, Martin Loft and Dorthe Andersen ( Kun me dig), Tomas Thordarson ( Shame On You) and DQ ( Drama Queen) not eligible for the final.

System 1957 and 1959

In 1957, Birthe Wilke and Gustav Winckler two titles as a duo and two titles as a solo artist before. 1959 featured three artists, including going back to Birthe Wilke, in various combinations, a total of six titles before

Classic qualifying round

In the years 1958, 1960-1964 and 1966-2006 a classic preliminary round was held. Between five and seventeen artists each had one ( 1958, Raquel Rastenni two titles before ) title before.

New system since 2007

2007, a preliminary round was held with preliminary rounds as in other Scandinavian countries customary.

Voting modes

In the early years was matched by jury, except in 1964, where postcards could be sent. 1992 was first coordinated by televoting, as in 1996 and since 2004. 1993 and between 1999 and 2002 a mixture of jury and televoting has been tuned.


When DMGP had to 2004, all tracks are presented in Danish. As of 2005, the language was released.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2007

When Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2007, there were two semifinals á eight titles. Four of them qualified directly for the finals, the other four came in one of the two, discharged on the radio Second Chance rounds.

Date of shipments


After the semifinals, therefore, qualified contributions by Jacob Andersen, Annette Heick, Dannie Elmo, Annie Askman, Stig Rossen, Katrine Falkenberg, James Sampson, Me & My and the wild card winner DQ and Jørgen Olsen.


Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2008

In 2008, we used the system that 2007 had been newly introduced.

Date of shipments


Qualified for the finals have The Dreams, Sandy May, Josefine & Lars, Simon Mathew, Charlie, Anne -Marie & Claus Hassing, Amin Jensen, the group UNITE and the wild card winner Lasse Linddorf and Kendra Lou.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009

Changes to the System 2007 & 2008

When Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009 January 31, 2009 there was again a classic decider. This decision was made by DR, because the sender had financial difficulties and was not a venue for several shows; Also in 2009, changed the scoring system.

Dansk Danse Grand Prix

As of 2007, the Euro Vision Dance Contest was introduced, the Dansk Danse Grand Prix was introduced as a precedent. 2008 was supposed to take place such a festival. Because few ticket sales, the festival was not organized and selected the candidates of DR internally.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix Junior

Between 2003 and 2005, a competition was held, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix Junior was called. The DMGPJ was used to determine the participants in Denmark for Euro Junior Eurovision Song Contest. As of 2006, no DMGPJ took place because Denmark no longer participates in the JESC.