Danubian Flat

4817.75Koordinaten: 48 ° 0 ' 0 " N, 17 ° 45' 0" E

The Danube plain (Slovak Podunajská rovina ) is the southwestern location, rather flat part of the Danube Lowland in Slovakia. The border to the more mountainous, north-eastern Danube hilly country runs approximately along the line Bratislava - Senec - Sered - Nové Zámky - Patince.

The Danube level was significantly influenced by the side arms of the Danube ( such as the Little Danube ) and marked by the southern river courses of Vah, Nitra and Žitava. Thus, it is pervaded by powerful layers of gravel. This " Danube gravels " are in turn covered with loess and other fertile soils.

The Danube river has thus created a unique continental river delta with many meanders and dead water poor in the area. One such area that lies between the Danube and the Little Danube, represents the bulk dar. Island This island is an area with many Swamplands, naturally formed or man-made lakes and since 1978 water protection area. The drainage system in the South was (intentionally ) sustainably changed by the construction of the dam as Gabčíkovo Danube barrage.

The area is rich in forest meadows, aquatic and marsh flora and fauna; large underground water reservoirs contribute, especially the reservoirs of the Rye Island are among the largest in Europe. In addition, it is also hot springs in Komárno, Štúrovo and Patince find.

Due to the south, the Little Hungarian Plain back exposed location, the area has the warmest and driest climate in Slovakia, which makes it in conjunction with the fertile soil, an ideal place for agriculture. Especially wheat, sugar beet, corn, vegetables and tobacco are grown, and there are also wine and fruit growing on a smaller scale.

The main cities of the Danube plain, the Slovak capital Bratislava (the plane starts at the bottom of the Bratislava castle in the city) or Galanta, Sered, Dunajská Streda, Komárno and Nové Zámky.

In the area there are also other small nature reserves, such as Ostrov Kopas in Bratislava or the former Danube arms Vlčianske mŕtve rameno and Čičovské mŕtve rameno. Protected wetlands are including the unique Šúr area at Jur, in the area around Zlatná na Ostrove, there are also a great retreat for great bustards.

Also for summer recreation there are many ways, such as in the Zlaté piesky lakes in the city of Bratislava, ( jazerá Slnečné ) in the Sunny Lakes in Senec or in the thermal baths of Dunajská Streda, Velky Meder and Diakovce.

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