Dārāb is the name of a city and an administrative district in the province of Fars in Iran. It is located in the valley of Rudbar River, 270 km south-east of Shiraz. North of town is the Zagros Mountains.


7 km southwest of Dārāb are the ruins of Dārābgerd, the former capital of the region Darabjerd (now Qal'a or Kandaq Dahia ). " Dara ", an Achaemenid king or local rulers, regarded as the founder of the city. According to historian Tabari under Ardashir I took from here his first conquests, before he moved his residence to Ardeshir Khureh ( Firuzabad ).

Three Sassanid rock reliefs from earlier time and a citadel of mud brick with rich stucco decorations from the time of Shapur II can be seen here.

In Dārāb tobacco, cotton, wheat, citrus, dates, grapes, vegetables and roses are grown. Additional information is found at the location salt mines. The city is also known for its tapestry and embroidery.