Dario Franceschini

Dario Franceschini (* October 19 1958 in Ferrara ) is an Italian politician and author. From 21 February to November 7, 2009, he held the post of Chairman ( Segretario ) was founded in October 2007 Partito Democratico. Since February 22, 2014 he was Minister of Cultural Heritage in the Government Renzi. He is married and has two daughters.

Political career

As a trained lawyer Franceschini initially exercised various functions in the youth wing of the Christian Democrats (DC). In 1980 he was elected to the city council of his native city of Ferrara and took over this body 1983, the Chairman of the Group of his party. Since 1984, he participated in various periodicals and serials of the DC, of which he also temporarily held ( Nuova Politica, Settantasei, Il Confronto and La Discussione ). The historical roots of Christian Democracy in Ferrara in 1985, he devoted a local historical book ( Il Partito Popolare a Ferrara. Cattolici, socialisti e nella terra di fascisti Grosoli e Don Minzoni ).

Early Franceschini advocated a center-left alliance, so that he for centrist oriented Partito Popolare Italiano ( PPI), the party left the transition of DC 1994 and the Cristiano Sociali joined, for which he ran as a candidate for mayor in Ferrara and 20 % of votes received. Only with the accession of the PPI for Electoral Alliance The Olive he returned in its ranks and was Vice-Chairman ( 1997-1999). Add to Massimo D' Alema governments and Giuliano Amato (1998-2001), he took to the Office of Secretary of State to the Prime Minister with responsibility for institutional reforms.

In the 2001 parliamentary elections, he was elected for the constituency of Ferrara in the Chamber of Deputies, where he was active for Constitutional Affairs as a member of the Election Committee and the Permanent Commission. In July 2001, he was among the founders of the new Christian Democratic Party La Margherita - Democrazia è Libertà, in whose Executive Committee he was the coordinator until 2006. After his re-election as Members of Parliament, he was appointed in 2006 to the Presidents of the Ulivo in the Chamber of Deputies. In addition, he represents Italy in the Parliamentary Assemblies of the Council of Europe and the WEU and is a board member of the European Democratic Party ( EDP). With the merging of his party in the Partito Democratico (PD ) Franceschini was elected by its founding congress on 27 October 2007 as Deputy Chairman and then gave the group's presidency in Parliament Antonello Soro from. On 21 February 2009, he was elected to the National Party Congress of PD as Chairman of the party. He thus entered the successor to the retiring Walter Veltroni. In the cabinet Letta Franceschini served as Minister without portfolio for Relations with the Parliament, in the following government Renzi he was Minister of Culture.

Even as a writer Franceschini made ​​attracted attention when he published a novel in each Bompiani - Verlag 2006 and 2007: Nelle vein quell'acqua d' argento ( The Silver water in the veins ) and La follia improvvisa di Ignazio Rando ( The sudden madness of Ignazio Rando ).


  • Il Partito Popolare a Ferrara. Cattolici, socialisti e nella terra di fascisti Grosoli e Don Minzoni. (1985)
  • Nelle vein quell'acqua d' argento. (2006)
  • La follia improvvisa di Ignazio Rando. (2007)