Darryl Dawkins

Darryl Dawkins ( born January 11, 1957 in Orlando, Florida ) is a former American professional basketball player.

He played 1975-1989 in the NBA at the center position. His trademarks were his extremely powerful slam dunks. In the 1979 season he broke twice, the rear wall behind the basket. The greatest success of his career was reaching the finals in 1980 with the Philadelphia 76ers. He also played for the New Jersey Nets and a short time for the Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz. His nickname was Chocolate Thunder. With this title, he also published his autobiography, " Chocolate Thunder: The Uncensored Life and Time of Darryl Dawkins ".

Due to its dunks the suspension of modern NBA baskets has been changed. Were previously firmly anchored on board the baskets, they were now resiliently suspended, so they gave way to a dunk, instead of that you could tear out and destroy the attached back wall. This breakaway rims were were indeed invented in 1975, but the need was recognized in 1979 with Dawkins.