Dartmouth College

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The Dartmouth College was founded in 1769 in Hanover, New Hampshire and is the ninth oldest university in the United States and the last college founded the American colonial period. The Dartmouth College, also known as " Big Green " is one of the eight universities of the Ivy League and one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of the United States. The motto of Dartmouth College is " Vox Clamantis in Deserto " ("The voice of one crying in the wilderness ." See Mk 1:3).

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In 1769 the College was initially founded as a school for Indians from the Protestant clergy Eleazar Wheelock.

The project was financially secured, could pick up one of the first students Occom Samson, a Native American from the tribe of Mohegan, a share capital through donations. Consequently, it was on 13 December 1769 on a land grant college of the royal governor of New Hampshire (then a British colony ) John Wentworth. Pursuant to a deed of George III be established. Was named the college after William Legge, the second Earl of Dartmouth, a supporter of Wheelock. The College is committed to education, " the youth of the Indian tribes of the English Youth and others".

Dartmouth College v. William H. Woodward

In 1816, the independent college should come under greater state control. For this purpose, the certificate of incorporation was declared from the colonial period to be invalid and converted the college into the state university " Dartmouth University ". The then President Francis Brown (1815-1820) argued, however, before the Supreme Court of the United States for the independence of the colleges. Dartmouth was represented by the Dartmouth alumnus and lawyer Daniel Webster. Was finally issued by Chief Justice John Marshall ruled in favor of the "Big Green", which he paved the way for the independence of private institutions to secure ( " thereby paving the way for all American private institutions to conduct Their affairs in accor dance With Their charters and without interference from the state. "). This case secured the independence of private universities and is known as " Dartmouth College Case ".


The focus of Dartmouth lies in the formation of " undergraduate ", ie students in the first academic training. 2013 study about 4,200 " undergraduate " and 2,100 " graduates " in Dartmouth and it is located 40 institutes and research projects there.

The Dartmouth Medical School was founded in 1797 and is the fourth oldest medical school in the U.S.. In 2012 she was named Seuss Geisel and his wife Audrey after the US- American children's book author Theodor.

Thayer School of Engineering

The Thayer School of Engineering was founded in 1867 as the first engineering school in the U.S.. It is named after Sylvanus Thayer, who made ​​possible the foundation by donating over $ 40,000.

Tuck School of Business

In 1900, the Tuck School of Business was founded under the name Amos Tuck School of Administration and Finance as the world's first graduate school of management.


The sports teams are called the Dartmouth College ( unofficial) The Big Green. The Dartmouth College is one of the so-called " Ivy League " as several universities in the northeastern United States ( such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and others).

Famous people

  • Owen Chamberlain (1920-2006), American physicist and Nobel Prize winner
  • Robert Frost (1874-1963), American poet
  • Theodor Seuss Geisel, (1904-1991), American children's book author and cartoonist
  • Timothy F. Geithner ( b. 1961 ), 75th United States Treasury Secretary
  • Robert M. Groves, American statistician and sociologist; Acting Head of the United States Census Bureau
  • Ed Healey (1894-1978), American football player and coach
  • Norman Maclean (1902-1990), American author and professor of English literature
  • John McCarthy (1927-2011), American computer scientist, Turing Award winners and initiator of the Dartmouth Summer Research Conference on Artificial Intelligence [[]]
  • James Nachtwey ( born 1948 ), American documentary photographer, war correspondent and photojournalist
  • Shonda Rhimes (born 1970 ), American screenwriter and producer of television series; Creator of the hospital drama Grey 's Anatomy
  • Barry Sharpless ( born 1941 ), American chemist and Nobel laureate
  • David E. Scherman (1916-1997), American photojournalist and editor
  • George Davis Snell (1903-1996), American biologist and Nobel Prize laureate
  • Charles Stinson (1931-2012), American religious scholar
  • Thomas E. Kurtz ( b. 1928 ), American computer scientist, co-inventor of the BASIC programming
  • Gus Sonnenberg (1898-1944), football player and wrestler
  • Daniel Webster (1782-1852), American politician, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State
  • Jim Yong Kim ( born 1959 ), 12th President of the World Bank

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