Das Amt

The Office is a German comedy series of RTL, broadcast from 1997 to 2003. Consists of seven seasons.


Hagen Krause is Head of Office Building Authority in a small town. In his office, the secretary Ulla fall, the slightly underexposed womanizer Rüdiger Poppels and weltverbesserische Nadia Shepherd work. The main occupation of the office members is to avoid any work and effort. Building permits are generally only once without being spotted, rejected. They always make sure not to get caught by her superior, Dr. Stüsser, the head of department. This always makes a point, especially in persons of public life, such as the mayor, to look good, for which he also back often forgets the official rules and error usually pushes the office of Hagen Krause in the shoes. Basically, everyone is considered only once in office it so comfortable and well as possible to get through the day and take advantage of situations to their own advantage. This regularly leads to comical and, for employees, problematic situations, which are to be solved in the course of each episode, what happens either comically or leads to renewed problems. Only the gutmenschlich acting Nadia Shepherd still shows approaches of good will.



As a backdrop to the series is the old town hall of Wesseling, including recognizable by the municipal coat of arms above the entrance. Outdoor shots are taken in the vicinity of Wesselinger City Hall. The buildings were used around the town hall as a backdrop image for the window views.


The series Good riddance! , The Office and Nikola share a series universe. First, the characters were Ulla autumn ( Ulrike Bliefert ) and Rüdiger Poppels ( Thorsten Nindel ) from The Office in Good riddance: Ballermann olé to see. Later came Nikola Vollendorf ( Mariele Millowitsch ) and Dr. Robert Schmidt (Walter Sittler ) from Nikola in The Office ( Episode Fat Booty of Madness ). And finally, Hagen Krause ( Jochen Busse ) from The Office as a guest in Nikola ( Episode What's Up Doc? ).