Das Kleine Theater Essen

The Little Theatre is a private theater in the center of Essen.


The theater was founded by Helmut Gahmann, a former student and Folkwang longtime actor, along with some friends.

November 15, 1965, when the first premiere was with the help of the Youth Office and the Count of Schmettow across the stage, is considered the founding of the theater. Almost seven years was the theater housed in a youth center at the Papestraße in Holsworthy and gained some notoriety at this time by extensively with children and adult pieces. The Schedules sat down, then as now, of classics and pieces of modernity together, as well as fairy tales ideas Grugapark.

1972 took over the small theater be solid house at the goose market, where take place since the ideas.

After the death of Helmut Gahmann in March 2005, a support team headed by Ingo Scheuer was founded and a new and cozy ( " plush- ' ) has given face the Little Theater in Essen.