Dashboard (management information systems)

A Management Cockpit is an information center for executives in support of the overall management process in the phases of information gathering, information analysis, controlling and decision-making and corporate communications. It uses the different technical aids and tools, such as dashboards for the graphical representation of identified indicators, but has the claim to support the entire management process.


The first management cockpit was developed in 1989 in Brussels by Patrick M. Georges, an expert in the field of Human Intelligence management to optimize decision-making. The original aim was to develop an information center position " War Room ". In the further development ( see, eg, Reutlingen University ) it is used as a special working environment for decision makers. Management quick and very easy to give an overview of the economic situation of the company and its success-relevant control variables are given. The term " management cockpit " is a registered trademark of SAP AG.


In different logical views about certain areas (market, customers, competitors, processes, etc.) are summarized on figures. The discussion and analysis of indicators can on multiple monitors, which are classified according to the topics complexes [ Walls ] done. Thus, the transparency of the process and business-critical metrics is increased. Strategic and operational decisions are by extensive analysis functions, such as Planning, forecasting, simulation, data mining methods are supported. The parallel visualization on multiple monitors helps the management to make impact of decisions directly in the context visible, ie e.g. answering the question what the implications requirements at group level in the individual subsidiaries and vice versa. More complex relationships can thus represent more transparent for all. With the ability to make site- independent standardized information and analysis options available simultaneously, management processes are clearly focused and more efficient designed.


As part of the research area "Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence " by Professor Armin Roth at Reutlingen University, Faculty of computer science, a variety of management meetings and their upstream and downstream processes was analyzed and concepts drawn like this ( meetings and associated processes ), total both effective and can be made more efficient. From a management cockpit of the new generation has been developed which can be specifically the objective of a strategy-oriented and KPI -based management process support needs.


Management Cockpit Reutlingen University, Faculty of computer science