Data exchange

Data exchange is a term used in data processing and is available for the forwarding of data between organizations and companies in purpose- standardized form. Although he is primarily used in conjunction with electronic methods, but regardless of the form of the data and the form of the transmission.

Formats and structures of the exchange data ( → interchange formats ) are usually defined under the responsibility of committees, associations or other purpose associations and standardized, for example, for payments the DTA method the Bundesbank.

Thus, the production, distribution and processing of this data should be harmonized and efficient, especially in inter-company relationships. The subject of data exchange in most cases, data in electronic form - which can also be transmitted electronically. However, electronic data are also conventionally transported (eg submission of a floppy disk with transfers to the bank, Source: DTA method). In the literal sense, the forwarding of conventional documents ( such as documents / reporting data to and from health insurance ) is a ' Data Exchange ' - but which is increasingly replaced by electronic methods; Example see.

Electronic procedures

Here is data exchange for the electronic transport of standardized data - what is in the meantime 'state of the art'. You will be transferred between systems of electronic data processing (EDP ), which are such as computers, data collection devices, other system components, or even the Internet.

In addition to the data exchange process itself may be necessary, convert the data into the appropriate for the target system, the target component or the target program data format or file format. Example: conversion of data format ASCII to EBCDIC.

Such functions represent eg different file converters available. Alternatively, the type conversion takes place in the computer programs involved before and after the exchange of data by individually programmed method or ( often the case with standard software) provided by the manufacturer export functions ( before data exchange ) or import functions (after the data exchange).