Data model

A data model is a model to be described and data processing of an application area (eg, data from the production area, accounting or all of the company data ) and their relationships to each other. ( Gabler )

In computer science, in particular in the development of information systems data models and carried out their development activities serve ( data modeling ) to find data structure for the systems to be processed ( in particular for data to be stored ) and define.

Types of data models

Data models are created in successive gradations, the results are generally distinguished as follows:

Different terms

The depicted above, the development process model exploratory gradation and especially the names of the models are not uniformly applied and identified in practice. Thus, in literature, in publications and in common parlance often other terms are used; in particular, it is often only the term "data model " used.

With the following words in certain forms of " data model types " means, inter alia, different. (in brackets: Synonyms for the above described steps 1-3)

The terms semantic data model, data model, database model described in the DB literature, eg not the above-mentioned model gradations ( as a result of the modeling ), but the language or the theoretical foundation upon which the models are created.

Also, method-specific terms are terms ( such as ER model, class model, class diagram ), which are not carried here from the process-oriented gradation result, but from the applied modeling methodology.