The data extractor. The scientific journal for data traveler is the irregularly published magazine of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC ). It is published since 1984 and can also be subscribed independently of membership in the CCC and read on the internet since 2002.

Topics are mainly the political and technical aspects of the digital world ( freedom of information, privacy, video surveillance and privacy, cryptography, etc.). Currently, she is published in DIN A5 format. The editorial team will virtually operate on the Internet, but the data extractor in Berlin will be printed and distributed from there.

As a gimmick issue # 92, a film with the fingerprint of the then Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble was in March 2008.

As an example of the data the spin Founded in 1971, U.S. magazine TAP - The Youth International Party Line ( YIPL ), called the widespread protest against the Vietnam War Tips to make free phone calls.

Comparable Magazines

  • 2600 Magazine
  • Bavarian Hacker Post ( 1984-1987 )
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