Dauer Sportwagen

The duration Sportwagen GmbH was founded by Jochen period, based in Nuremberg company that specialized in the construction of super sports cars in small series. The company was primarily known through the continuation of the production of the Bugatti EB110 and the development of based on the Porsche 962 Dauer 962 LM, which won in 1994 the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


1993 originated from Jochen Dauer Racing Jochen Dauer Racing GmbH, which was renamed Dauer Sportwagen GmbH 2002.

Since 1993, the duration is produced 962 LM based on a Porsche model. After Bugatti Automobili SpA in 1995 by Romano Artioli ended with bankruptcy, took over the duration Sportwagen GmbH to the estate of the company. It also included unfinished vehicles and a large pool of spare parts from the last stage of development of the Bugatti EB110. Since Volkswagen acquired the naming rights to Bugatti, the car could not be sold under the Bugatti name, but have since been referred to as duration EB110SS. In 2008, a permanent sports car business operations. The workshop equipment, the original EB110 spare parts, the duration - EB110 Supersport components and some components of the Dauer 962 LM ( based on a Porsche 962 ) acquired 2011 Toscana- Motors GmbH, based in Kaiserslautern.


  • Dauer 962 LM
  • Duration EB110 SS