Dave Pegg

Dave Pegg ( born November 2, 1947 in Birmingham ) is a British folk-rock bassist and singer.

Pegg worked in an insurance office. As the son of a singer and grandson of a banjo player but he moved finally to the music now and he taught himself to play guitar. After playing a while with Roy Everett 's Blueshounds as lead guitarist, he switched to bass and joined the Uglys under the direction of Steve Gibbons on.

Over time, Pegg took more and more pleasure in folk music and began in the early 1960s to play in Ian Campbell's band bass and mandolin. He eventually became a member of the prestigious folk-rock band Fairport Convention, he remained a member until the end of 1969 today. He worked first time on the album Full House (1970 ) and became the most consistent musicians in the band, whose occupation carousel rarely came to a halt.

1979 replaced Pegg John Glascock at Jethro Tull and worked on a total of seven studio albums the band as bassist (and occasionally on mandolin ) with, A (1980 ) to Roots to Branches (1995). During this time, Fairport Convention was still his main project, and when the band experienced a surge in popularity in the 1990s, he gave up his job at Jethro Tull due to permanent touring in 1995. In 2003, he worked again as a guest at two pieces of Jethro Tull Christmas Album with.

In addition, he founded the label Woodworm Records, on which he in 1984 his solo debut The Cocktail Cowboy Goes It Alone published. 1998 appeared a second solo album called Pegg's Birthday Party.

Since the early 1980s, Dave Pegg organized the festival takes place every year in Cropredy / Oxfordshire. Initially, this was a small festival that visited a few Fairport convention fans, but now the Cropredy Festival has established itself as world-renowned folk festival with over 20,000 visitors each year.

Since 1998, Pegg plays alongside his other obligations, most notably Fairport Convention, nor with Steve Gibbons in the band The Dylan Project. With guitarist of the band, P. J. Wright, Pegg occurs since 2006 as a duo and two albums have already been published.

His son Matt Pegg is Procol Harum bassist with.