Dave Stewart (keyboardist)

Dave Stewart (also: David Lloyd Stewart, born December 30, 1950 in London ) is a British keyboardist, arranger and producer.

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The Early Years

Stewart played in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with Steve Hillage in the band Uriel, then at the avant- rockers of Egg, Arzachel and Khan. From 1973, his keyboard and his arrangements shaped the sound of the British jazz rock band Hatfield and the North. For the band were next to Stewart and bassist and singer Richard Sinclair, guitarist Phil Miller and drummer Pip Pyle, also the background singers The Northettes consisting of Barbara Gaskin, Amanda Parsons and Ann Rosenthal. Hatfield and the North - named after the road signs in north London, which reported " Hatfield and the North " - published in 1974 their first, eponymous LP and in the same year, the single Let's Eat (Real Soon) / Fitter Stoke Has a Bath.

At the same time Stewart worked for Steve Hillages solo album Fish Rising and released another LP with Egg. Around the same time, he managed to add a new LP, Hatfield and the North. The Rotters ' Club was born in 1975 - as the first LP on Virgin Records - out and solidified the reputation of the band as a jazz-rock formation. However, although the LP penetrated into the lower regions of the UK charts, the band members decided a few months later, dissolve the group. Stewart, Miller, Parsons founded with bassist Neil Murray and drummer Bill Bruford, the band National Health, which also Pyle came again soon. Dave Stewart also worked again as a studio musician; among other things, he played with King Crimson and the solo albums by drummer Bill Bruford (of Yes).

From a studio musician for pop star

1981, planned as a one-off attempt, Stewart recorded a version of Jimmy Ruffin What Becomes Hit of the Broken Hearted. The voice on the instrumental track provided the former lead singer of the Zombies, Colin Blunstone ( born in Hatfield ) to. Stiff Records released the single on the label Broken - and placed them in the top 20 (highest quotation: 13th place). A successor was needed - and Stewart worked again after the successful recipe: he took an instrumental version of Lesley Gore's hit from 1963, It's My Party, on, and asked his former choir singer Barbara Gaskin, the vocal part to sing it. This time it looked even better: on October 17, 1981, the single climbed to number one on the UK charts and stayed there for four weeks before with Police Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, they displaced.

After the hits

But It's My Party was the high point of the pop career Dave Stewart. Two more singles, again with the voice of Barbara Gaskin (1983: Busy Doing Nothing and 1986: The Locomotion ) could be placed only in the lower regions of the charts. In addition to his recordings with Barbara Gaskin Stewart wrote music for television and founded a sequel for the Hatfields called Rapid Eye Movements.

Hatfield and the North came 1989/1990 for some concerts together again, but without Dave Stewart ( he was replaced by Sophia Domanich ). The gigs were recorded on tape and in 1993 on the album Live - released in 1990. 2006 saw Hatfield and the North on the Burg Herzberg Festival.




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