David Akers

  • 5x Pro Bowl participation (2001, 2002, 2004, 2009, 2010 )
  • NFL 2000s All- Decade Team

David Roy Akers ( born December 9, 1974 in Lexington, Kentucky) is an American professional American football player at the position of the kicker. He plays for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League ( NFL).


Akers was on the University of Louisville. During those four years, he kicked 36 field goals a school record and is the second best in the school's " scoring list ".

NFL career

David Akers launched between 1997 and 1998 as a free agent, tried his hand at this time at the Atlanta Falcons, the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins. For the 1998 season, he was bound by the Redskins, but played only once.

He was observed and committed by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999. This sent him to NFL Europe, where he played a strong season in Germany at the Berlin Thunder and eventually became a master of the football Eagles.

Akers was at the time as a surprise players. He recovered 29 of 33 field goals and held by 121 points a team record. This resulted in the award to the NFC Special Teams Player of the Month (November 2000) and election to the Pro Bowl in 2001.

His best ever season he delivered in 2002, when he recovered from 34 Field Goals 30, recently set a team record of 133 points and was appointed for the second time in the Pro Bowl. 2003, the second longest field goal he succeeded the history of the Eagles, when he scored a field goal from 57 yards. Also in 2004, he kept his good form, with approximately 84 % recycled field goals.

2005 Akers was injured in the game against the Oakland Raiders. He retired at the kickoff to a torn ligament. He came in the second half back into the game and scored two extra points and launch winning field goal, but then broke even on the field together. He missed the next four games, but was nevertheless called for the fourth time in the Pro Bowl. 2006 was, although he remained injury free, Akers worst season with only 18 of 23 field goals recycled. 16 December 2007 Akers broke a team record when he scored his 884th point for Philadelphia in the game against the Dallas Cowboys.

In 2011 he joined, after twelve seasons with the Eagles, the San Francisco 49ers. On September 9, 2012 Akers hired a NFL record when he scored against the Green Bay Packers a field goal from 63 yards; this record was only in 2013 surpassed by Matt Prater. After a mixed season with the 49ers, he was released after the Super Bowl loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Summer of 2013 he was engaged as a free agent by the Detroit Lions.