David Alan Stevenson

David Alan Stevenson (* 1854 in Edinburgh, † 1938) was a Scottish engineer.

As the son of David Stevenson and grandson of Robert Stevenson, he came from a family of farmers lighthouse, and his uncle Thomas Stevenson had been active in this regard. The son of his brother Charles Alexander - Alan Stevenson - continued the tradition.

Throughout his life he built with his other uncle Thomas and his brother Charles Alexander Stevenson 26 lighthouses around Scotland.


  • Robert Stevenson (1772-1850), grandfather David Stevenson (1815-1886), father David Alan Stevenson (1854-1938)
  • Charles Alexander Stevenson (1855-1950), brother Alan Stevenson (1891-1971), nephew
  • Robert Louis ( Balfour ) Stevenson ( 1850-1894 ), cousin

With the exception of the writer Robert Louis Stevenson all family members listed here were also engineers and lighthouse builder.

Lighthouses of Charles and Alan Stevenson

  • Civil
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Briton
  • Scotsman
  • Born in 1854
  • Died in 1938
  • Man
  • Person ( Edinburgh)